Young Living

What is Young Living Essential Oils and why am I posting about it?

Well to put it basically, Young Living Essential Oils are a range of essential oils produced by the Young Living company, they aim to have the highest standard of oil with a target of 100% pure essential oil in their products with none of the filler that most other companies use.

And I am posting about it because I am a distributor of it. It all started with the missus getting into it through her friends and soon I found my house filled with oils. We have multiple diffusers, a shelf filled with oils, and multiple rollers with different mixes designed to tackle a whole range of ailments.

I became a distributor because you get commissions on it and having gotten a few of the guys at work interested in it, I wanted to get my hands on some of that coin. And never passing up a chance to make some coin and pimp out things I find actually useful, I found myself here, talking about essential oils.

Have you become some sort of hippy?

Of course not. I still live in a world full of science and metal (\m/) but based on my own anecdotal observations I have found that these essential oils have had a positive impact on a couple of aspects of my life. If you join Young Living and you’re like me you will find the way that the community goes on about it a bit cloying. They get really into the “journey” like it is some sort of spiritual excursion of awakening. It isn’t. They are essential oils not LSD. I’m sure some people find them enlightening but I found that side of it a bit to much. I use the oils, I don’t worship them like a deity.

The Young Living Community

There is a large community of Young Living people that really get into the whole thing, there are Facebook groups, conferences, oily days where distributors put on events to introduce folks to the oils, the list goes on.

I am going to be posting things on this site about oils and combinations of oils and the way that I use them and what I use them for. I will be pointing out when there is peer reviewed science behind things or if I am just basing it on anecdotal observed evidence. It is then up to you to decide if you want to use them in the same way.

The big, triangle shaped question

It is a multi-level marketing organisation, and yes, it does look a little bit like a pyramid scheme but without the enforced purchasing and such. It is more like an affiliates system, if you pimp it out you get commissions, if you stop pimping it out you stop getting paid. Fairly simple.

Sign me up

Becoming a distributor means you get the wholesale rates when buying things. You can stay as a customer and just buy the oils that you want but you end up paying a lot more in the long run.

If you want to sign up as a distributor and get that wholesale rate you can use that link. If you just want to buy the oils without signing up you can become a customer with that link, I’ll get some commission from both links.