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Recently a very good friend of mine weighed in, briefly, on the topic of Target’s new policy regarding transgendered people being allowed to use the bathrooms of the gender that they identify with. Being my usual self I had to make a comment so I posted the following:

An important reminder: no transgender person has ever been arrested for indecent sexual activity in a public bathroom. Everyone who has ever been arrested has identified as their birth assigned gender.
True transgender people just want to pee without being attacked by insecure people that think they’re wearing a dress just to see children’s bodies.
The solution of course is to make every bathroom unisex.

Which got a response from a friend of my friend.

Can you site your source? cause that sounds pretty incredulous to me.

Unfortunately for this friend of a friend, he caught me while at work during a particularly dull and quiet moment so what started off as a couple of links to some websites to backup my statement, it turned into a bit of an essay.…/statistics-show-exactly-how-many-times……/more-gop-lawmakers-arrested…/…/more-republicans…/

I also want to point out that there is a VERY big difference between someone being transgendered and using the bathroom and someone dressing up as the opposite sex in order to perv on people in the bathroom.

I SERIOUSLY doubt that anyone would go through months and years of ridicule and abuse from strangers, friends and family as they transition just so that they can go and look at people in a public bathroom. There is a BIG difference between being trans and cross-dressing. A HUGE difference!

A couple of friends of mine are trans and the horror stories they have told me of things that happened to them as they were coming to terms with their gender identity have me absolutely convinced that the men who are wearing dresses and sneaking into women’s bathrooms are NOT transgendered, they are simply a wolf in sheep’s clothing attempting to gratify their own sexual behaviours whilst not giving a damn about the very real issues surrounding transgender people.

Will we continue to read stories in the news about a man in a dress watching women pee? Of course we will because a sensational headline like that will grab the average readers’ attention and get shared on a lot of Facebook pages. Will that same news story investigate if that man is living as a woman or was just wearing a costume to get into the Ladies room? I seriously doubt that.

Remember, according to the media at large, “You are not safe in the public bathroom because the transgender monsters are coming to get you!!!”

It is time for society to grow up and move on, especially middle-class white people who continue to cling to 200 year old society standards. Yes, black lives matter, Yes, gay people are real and they aren’t here to assault you, Yes, transgender people are here and guess what, they don’t want to assault you any more than the gays or the bi’s or anyone else.

Now I really must end this comment, it started off as a couple of links and turned into an essay.

I thought my job was done but then the stupid reared its ugly head.

So is it your contention that just because someone is transgender, that they could therefor never be a sexual predator ? That somehow being confused about their sexual identity means that they can’t possibly also be confused about what is OK and what isn’t OK with regards to other sexual activities?

Hopefully this response gets the point across.

No. What I’m saying is that transgendered people are stastically less likely to sexually assault someone in a public bathroom than a man wearing a dress or a Republican official.

There will always be people of all types who will commit heinous acts, the statistics currently show that the reasons people have against transgendered people using a bathroom are not valid reasons to enact such ridiculous laws.

If the lawmakers came out and said what they really feel instead of hiding behind this “won’t someone think of the children” fa├žade they’d never get any law passed. What they are really saying is, “we don’t understand you and that is scary”.

It can be confronting if you don’t understand why people are changing the gender that they identify with, there is a massive stigma against men showing feelings, “ man up” is a phrase uttered a lot, so to then find out that a man wants to be a woman.. Well that’s the ultimate failure there for a man isn’t it? To admit that he has emotions and a feminine side and that he’s not happy in his own body.

Becoming a woman is considered to be bad by conservatives, is that because they consider women to be second rate compared to men?

I know a few transgendered people and I know the struggles they went through to find themselves. To go through all of that to then be told where you can and can’t pee because some middle class white boy thinks everyone is trying to get in his pants or trying to fiddle his kids is a huge insult.

One transgendered friend of mine has transitioned all the way. Does that mean that because she no longer has a penis she gets to use the ladies room now? Legally she’s still classed as male but physically she’s female. Quite good looking too. Do you think it would be safe for a beautiful woman to enter a male public bathroom? The straight men in the public bathroom are statistically more likely to rape her if she does compared to her raping another woman in the ladies room.

We’ll see what happens now.

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Every now and then I go back to the Freenet Project to see how it is coming along. Each time I’ve installed it before I’ve always uninstalled it because the amount of Child Pornography has been to damn high.

A completely uncensored system sounds like it would be great, people in war torn countries or with oppressive regimes would still be able to communicate and stay safer than running a blog on the regular internet. It would also be great for those trying to avoid the NSA and their meta data tracking.

Instead, the lowest degenerates alive just use it to share the worst kind of material. And it appears that the developers of the Freenet Project are ok with this use. When you first install it there is a page that has some bookmarks to various Index Pages. Because you can’t Google things on Freenet, static index pages have been created to help you navigate the complex dark net. There are two types of Index Pages. Cleaned up and full of CP. I don’t see why the developers would even include any index pages with CP in them, it feels like they are endorsing this highly illegal usage of what should be a useful system.

I’ve just installed version 0.7.5 Build #1470 and within three hyperlink clicks from the start page to the index pages I’ve already found links to CP sites.

This is only 4 rows down from the start of the Index Page.

Looks like I will once again be uninstalling Freenet. Until they clean up this blatant Child Pornography I won’t be using this service.

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Last night I had a realisation that I have been spending more time on Facebook chatting to other people than I have spending time with my own family. And to change that I have opted to deactivate my Facebook. Initially it is for 7 days so that I can find out what other websites and applications I have that rely on the Facebook Connect service but if I make it through the week I can see it becoming a permanent thing.

Already today I have been looking at my phone less. The removal of the Facebook and Messenger apps means I’ve needed to find other ways to engage my brain. I’m coming up with projects to do.

First on the list is to build a wireless charging system in my phone holder for the car. It is possible to get the charging coils for under $10 online and then with some hacking away with various construction materials I should be able to mount it into the holder. I want to do this as I use my phone’s GPS for work as I travel around and the number of times I am getting in and out of the car gives me cause to worry about the charging socket, continually plugging and unplugging the charging cable will cause damage. Having the charging cable plugged into the holder instead and just slipping the phone in and out will prevent that wear and tear damage.

So wish me luck!

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Occasionally it is possible to get a fantastically worded spam message, something so good that you are half tempted to throw away your money just to reward the author. Today I got one of those messages.

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-Josh Harding

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