Batch scripting, the age old realm of the @0l 5kr1pt k1dd13, has become a friend to me in my current role. I’ve been doing a lot of PC building in this role, today alone I’ve built 16 new computers. The build process was simple enough when I started but there […]

Batch Scripting

Having spent the last week out in regional NSW and ┬álistening ┬áto their radio, I feel it is time to weigh in on the latest drama regarding the Halal Certification on Aussie foods like Vegemite and chickens. Halal Certification is provided when a manufactor has contacted one of the accredited […]

Food Certification

Celeron After 02
Keeping a clean computer is more than just making sure you uninstall applications correctly and avoiding dodgy websites and software, it also includes the physical cleaning. Most computers sitting under desks and behind monitors have fans in them, generally two, one on the front bringing air in and one on […]

Clean your Computer

A useful command in Windows 7 to probe other computers on the same network to work out what hardware it is and what software is running on it. Can give false information occasionally but is generally good enough to let you figure out if it is running an XP or […]


Piles of Old Machines 1
I’ve talked with a lot of people that are either for enterprises leasing their work stations or against it. I’ve worked for companies that do both and I’ve always leaned towards leasing because when it comes time to upgrade your fleet you don’t have to worry about disposing of the […]

Leasing Computers in an Enterprise Environment

My feet in the Snow
Last week I had the chance to journey out to Orange for work and we had an early finish so I went off for a drive around the countryside. There is snow in the hills! I found this snow on Mount Canobolas, a mountain that I was told many times […]

Photos from Orange

Having found out that my wife is carrying a boy this week has left us with two issues. The first is the name, we had a girl’s name picked out but a boy’s name has us stumped. The second issue that I want to talk about in this post is […]


A friend of mine is having major issues at her work place because none of the customers want to deal with her because they think that the men can do a better job when in actual fact it is her and one other guy keeping the whole small business afloat. […]

Is your vagina holding you back?