Technically true but everyone currently screaming that back at people who are saying BlackLivesMatter is completely missing the point.

No one is trying to diminish anyone’s rights to live a safe and secure life, what they are trying to do is ensure that everyone is living to the same standards, to lift up people of colour so that they may experience the same level that White people do.

Should you hear anyone loudly declaring that AllLivesMatter tell them you agree but right now we need to prioritise the Lives that are most in peril. Or just show them the comic below, it points out just how stupid AllLivesMatter is right now.

A comic explaining that AllLivesMatter is vaild to a point but certain Lives Matter MORE at particular times

White Privilege

I was scrolling through Twitter this morning and noticed a disturbing trend, pointed out by many others retweeting.

It’s the most dangerous time to be a white person

And it made me realise that they are completely wrong. What they probably meant to say is, “It’s the most dangerous time to keep using my White Privilege to keep oppressing those people I consider inferior”.

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