Let ‘er Rip!

Thanks in no part to Domicron Pairoftits we are now leading the way in new cases. And I know, the company line is now about how many are in hospital or ICU, but even the people getting sick and not going to hospital are still having a dire effect on the community. How many businesses have had to shutdown for a fortnight or so due to having no staff?

Either we start treating this like the common cold, an endemic – accept that everyone will get it and just go about our lives like normal, or we treat it like a pandemic and still have people isolating.

Fortnight endingAUSNSWVIC
Jan 8 2022559,058301,901143,518
Dec 25 202165,19439,00220,626
Dec 11 202120,6194,27616,071
Source: https://covidbaseau.com/cases/

That means that in the last fortnight we have had 65% of our total case count of 850,349 nationally.

Looking at those numbers, it would mean we have at least 1 million people in their own lockdowns; 559,058 due to being positive and at least that number again in close contacts. Thankfully the number of people in hospital is less than 3000 but of those in lockdown, only the positive people that don’t have sick leave or annual leave are entitled to the government support (which is taxable) of $750. The close contacts don’t get any support now unless they can’t work because they are caring for a positive case.

Positive Parties

I was just thinking to myself, now that I and one of my kids are confirmed positive and the other two are still awaiting results but couldn’t not have it, and since a few other friends also have it, does that mean we found all have a party?

I mean, you can’t get any more positive for corona right? As the cases rise we’ll soon teach a point where more people have it than don’t and at that point couldn’t we, as the majority, demand that our uninfected comrades stay home so that we can get on with our lives instead of hiding out in unairconditioned rooms suffering in silence.

I’m calling it now, it’ll be less than a month till there’s something in the news about the “outrageousness of some positive people having a party” some where.