Spam Bots – Assemble!

One advantage to having an 18 year old domain name is it being on all the spam bot lists. This is the first time in a long time that I have had a blog here that allows comments on posts and even allowed for user sign up (I’ve disabled this already).

Since starting this iteration of the blog I’ve had more than 30 spam comments and 10 spam users in just 2 days. And that comes to the main question of my post.

What’s the freaking point?

With the amount of anti-spam plugins to enhance the already pretty decent anti-spam system here, is there any point to these spam bots just running continuously like they do? They go to all the effort of scanning a page, finding the commenting section, sending data to the form, some times they scan for keywords to include in the comment, and then the comment gets caught in the spam filters and either automatically deleted or manually checked.