Happy 18th Birthday!

As of the 9th of February 2020, the lankyland.com domain name has been continuously registered for 18 years. Were it a child I would be out at the pub buying it its first beer.

Lankyland has gone through many many many iterations. We started on Geocities way back in 2001 for a few months, then found its way to be hosted under CrackSmokingDucks.com for a while before the domain was registered in 2002.

The site has often been community based with basic blogging and commenting features being available a lot of the time. After a move to Dreamhost it grew to have multiple facets, the most popular being the Forums. The latest iteration of the forum is still available online, it started in 2008 and can still be posted on to this day.

The Lankyland.com main page has been fairly static but I am hoping to change that now, the forums will remain online but I am hoping that people will prefer to come here and build a community with me.