We all isolate or we don’t

I’ve been hearing on the news recently that people are disgusted that teens are still socialising and hanging out together and to be honest, it is not the teenagers fault.

Schools are still open, hundreds of children are still able to gather together in confined spaces. It’s no wonder that they are still getting together outside of school.

The mixed signals that the governments are sending are to blame. What’s the difference between going to school together and socialising outside of school together? They are all still together.

I know that data on transmission rates between children is sketchy at this stage but we have to ask ourselves, “Are our children furthering the spread of the virus from family to family?”

And even if they aren’t spreading it rapidly, shouldn’t our messaging be consistent? Either everyone is in isolation or no one is. I could stay home all day but if my kid is still going to school and playing with other kids whose parents aren’t isolating then I am still exposed even though I’ve not left my house in weeks.

Let’s get it together and keep our children apart.