Grey Water

Droughts can really devastate the landscape with crops dying and bushfires getting out of control. My own backyard was suffering greatly too, I know it is nothing compared to entire regions losing their crops but I felt like I had to do something about it.

So I did.

Thanks to the convenient location of my laundry I was able to run the outlet hose through a window so that I could collect all the water. At first I bought a 60L bin reasoning that a 13kg washing machine would use roughly 13 litres per rinse cycle, with two rinses per wash.

I was very wrong.

My washing machine uses 200 litres of water per wash. I know this as I purchased a 240L wheelie bin and it was almost full after that first catchment.

Now that I’m capturing the water all I needed was a way to get it onto the grass. A submersible pump fixed that up. It’s got enough power to push enough pressure down the hose to spray out of the sprinkler you get a fairly good coverage on the grass.

In a frustrating twist, I managed to get this all setup about a week before the rains hit and we got enough of a downpour to revive the grass and push all three plants into new life.