What the Oils?

In an ever increasingly poisonous world with nasty chemical cleaners I’ve been introduced to an alternative that is good for me.

I’ve “discovered” essential oils.

And no, I’ve not become a big hippy, well bigger than I was before, but I have been using Young Living’s Essential Oils cleaning range thanks to the missus getting into the business of selling them and educating others about them. So of course I have to blog about them.

Young Living is a multi-level marketing company, and before you shout pyramid scheme, for those of you who have been following along on this site for more than the last week you’ll know I am a cynical person that doesn’t jump on the bandwagon very quickly without a lot of poking and prodding.

The Thieves Cleaning range is gentle enough that I am able to use the grey water from my washing machine to water my garden, the Foaming Hand Soap smells nice enough that my boys want to wash their hands, and it is gentle enough that they can wash their hands multiple times a day without their skin going funky.

You can basically use the Thieves Cleaning range on anything that needs cleaning. There are specialised versions like the Foaming Hand Soap, the Toothpaste, the Dish Washing soap, and the Clothes Washing Machine soap or you can make your own using the Thieves Cleaner concentrate.

If you’ve got kids, I recommend it highly to keep them safe from caustic cleaning solutions.

If you want to more info, leave a comment below or sign up to Young Living Essential Oils via this link.