Strong and minty, I diffuse this one to cover up the smell of dirty nappies after changing the kids. Also helps to perk me up when I’m feeling lethargic, just that minty fresh smell hitting my nostrils does wonders.

Ways to use it

Diffusing, this is the easiest. Two to three drops in the diffuser, turn it on, sit back and breathe deep.

Topically, you can do it but you have to dilute it with a carrier oil. I can absolutely recommend not getting it on your fingers and then going to the bathroom.

I think one of the shampoo products has peppermint in it, smells pretty good for a few hours after using it. The Cool Azul Sports Gel is also pepperminty.

You can consume it, some people suggest a few drops in a glass of water but you can also drop it in things like chocolate milkshakes and such.