NBN What the?

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Here is a fun question to ask Telstra. Why is it that the NBN which uses fibre is slower than the HFC Cable and yet still the same price? Should it not be cheaper because Telstra no longer has to pay as much to maintain the infrastructure?

Telstra BroadbandIt amazes me that we have to put up with bullshit like this. And quotas, what the hell? In this day and age you would expect that we would be paying for the speed of the connection and not for the bits that come through it. I wouldn’t mind as much if they only counted downloads but no, Telstra count your uploads too. If you use anything like Blizzard’s Updater you can get stung for a lot of usage.

If they can do it in Korea they should be able to do it here, our cities have far less people in them and if you exclude the massive, empty spaces in Australia, most people should be able to be hooked up to a decent internet within a few years, not the decades that everyone claims.

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