Leaving Facebook

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Last night I had a realisation that I have been spending more time on Facebook chatting to other people than I have spending time with my own family. And to change that I have opted to deactivate my Facebook. Initially it is for 7 days so that I can find out what other websites and applications I have that rely on the Facebook Connect service but if I make it through the week I can see it becoming a permanent thing.

Already today I have been looking at my phone less. The removal of the Facebook and Messenger apps means I’ve needed to find other ways to engage my brain. I’m coming up with projects to do.

First on the list is to build a wireless charging system in my phone holder for the car. It is possible to get the charging coils for under $10 online and then with some hacking away with various construction materials I should be able to mount it into the holder. I want to do this as I use my phone’s GPS for work as I travel around and the number of times I am getting in and out of the car gives me cause to worry about the charging socket, continually plugging and unplugging the charging cable will cause damage. Having the charging cable plugged into the holder instead and just slipping the phone in and out will prevent that wear and tear damage.

So wish me luck!

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