Leasing Computers in an Enterprise Environment

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I’ve talked with a lot of people that are either for enterprises leasing their work stations or against it. I’ve worked for companies that do both and I’ve always leaned towards leasing because when it comes time to upgrade your fleet you don’t have to worry about disposing of the old machines.

People have pointed out to me that getting rid of one or two machines isn’t that hard. But when you are dealing with companies that have upwards of 1200 machines you start running into problems. ┬áProblems like the one in the photos below:

Piles of Old Machines Piles of Old Machines

I’ve asked if I can pilfer a few to build for friends and family that need computers but don’t need the latest and greatest and they’ve said sure. But that’ll only get rid of a few. They now need to pay to have these removed.

The computer recycling groups that everyone has heard of, yeah they aren’t free. They will usually charge a per kilo or per pallet cost to take away your old computers. Even if they are going to fix them up and sell them, they will still charge you.

And this is where leasing machines makes more sense. You pay a lower rate per new machine and you don’t have to worry about paying to dispose of it at the end of your term. When dealing with deployments over 1000 machines the economy of scale kicks in and this becomes a desirable option. Even with smaller deployments it can make sense depending on your vendor and how often you want to upgrade your equipment.

On a side note: I look at that stack up there and really get the urge to build a Beowulf cluster just for shits n giggles.

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  1. Christian

    That is a problem. A Beowulf cluster needs space!


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