Is your vagina holding you back?

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A friend of mine is having major issues at her work place because none of the customers want to deal with her because they think that the men can do a better job when in actual fact it is her and one other guy keeping the whole small business afloat. The other men, including her boss, have no idea what they are doing.

I’ve noticed this attitude a lot in IT, not just from the male staff but also from customers. My only female minion at my previous job used to have to escalate calls because men would assume she was just a secretary and want to speak to “a real tech”. I used to love those calls cause when they came through to me I would give them a real hard time about their insistance on speaking to a man. And when I got through humiliating them I would then let them know that Chantelle was a tech person who could have answered all the questions they had because she was more than qualified to answer them.

I don’t think that Chantelle had ever really experienced it before and it wasn’t until I pointed out that it is because of her vagina that it was happening did she really feel the impact of the gender divide. I got the feeling that she thought there was something wrong with her. She was wrong of couurse, the actual problem was everyone else.

I know that there are other men out there like me who know that genitals have no bearing on ability but how do we eradicate the other morons that think that men are better?

Men can certainly do some things better than women. But those things are typically related to strength and such. Like being a lumberjack. You used to need big shoulders to chop through a tree. And there are things that woman can do better than men. Traditionally child card and cooking but there are other things too. But in industries like IT and Arts and such there is no intelligence advantage given to men because they have a penis.  I’ve only worked with a few women in IT and they were as smart, if not smarter than me at what they do.

In my working life I try not to think of people as men and women with different bits which regulate intelligence. I think of them as people who can either do their job or not. If you’re an idiot I am going to make that judgement based on your ability, not your genitals.

Can we not all do the same?

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  1. Bob

    Maybe the female was playing you
  2. spider

    I can assure you that I\'m not better than men at child care - I do my dardnest for gender equality by being a terrible mother. And I have a robot do all my cooking. One time, I picked up something heavy, and put it down again, and apparently that\'s a deadlift. So I\'m pretty strong, like a man.

    My work just got an award for hiring women. Engineers drink a lot so when they go to work with a hangover, they don\'t want Sally-Ann\'s face all up in their grill, asking for that TPS report. My boss is apparently the only dude not afraid of hiring women, so he gets a gold star. I think there should be award nights for engineering firms with extreme gender imbalance that are really traps. You get them up on stage, then reveal that they have a very statistically unlikely lack of female engineers, and instead of a speech they have to give an explanation or apology, while the audience boos them.

    tl;dr tiiiiiiiiiiimber.


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