Game of Thrones

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I think this is the best ‘open letter’ to HBO that I’ve ever seen and I wanted to preserve it in the public forum for all time.

Dear HBO,

I am an Australian citizen and love Game of Thrones (Along with like half of the Australian population) and just like every other Australian fan each week I am faced with a difficult choice, I can either illegally download an episode or I can just not watch it. I list those as my only two options because we have a serious distribution problem in our country (the article I have attached explains the problem better than I ever could).

Our only legal option for watching your show is Foxtel… as you may not have had any experience as a customer of their services I will put it as concisely as possible: using Foxtel is like hitting up an all you can eat banquet at a cheap Indian restaurant. It costs you $30 to get in when all you really wanted was the butter chicken, and your only memory of the whole experience is the burning sensation left on your ring the morning after. Their services are well below industry standards and incredibly overpriced.

This leaves me in a quandary, do I deal with the financial and logistical equivalent of 5 hours of bleeding out my rear end in exchange for Foxtels weekly low definition poorly buffered offering? Or do I easily and simply download the episode in high definition 2 hours after it is released for free…? I think we all know which decision is more appealing…

However In an effort to be reasonable and compensate your company fairly for the pleasure of watching your show I would like to offer you the following compromise: I will gladly pay HBO $10 an episode for every episode of your show that I download illegally, just provide me with a means by which to pay and I will transfer the coin. Alternatively offer HBO go in Australia, or literally mail me out a memory stick with each weeks episode saved on it because even waiting for a memory stick to come by mail would be a better option than paying $30 a month for what is quite possibly the worst streaming service this side of West Africa…

Written by John Hyslop on HBO’s Facebook page



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