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Every now and then I go back to the Freenet Project to see how it is coming along. Each time I’ve installed it before I’ve always uninstalled it because the amount of Child Pornography has been to damn high.

A completely uncensored system sounds like it would be great, people in war torn countries or with oppressive regimes would still be able to communicate and stay safer than running a blog on the regular internet. It would also be great for those trying to avoid the NSA and their meta data tracking.

Instead, the lowest degenerates alive just use it to share the worst kind of material. And it appears that the developers of the Freenet Project are ok with this use. When you first install it there is a page that has some bookmarks to various Index Pages. Because you can’t Google things on Freenet, static index pages have been created to help you navigate the complex dark net. There are two types of Index Pages. Cleaned up and full of CP. I don’t see why the developers would even include any index pages with CP in them, it feels like they are endorsing this highly illegal usage of what should be a useful system.

I’ve just installed version 0.7.5 Build #1470 and within three hyperlink clicks from the start page to the index pages I’ve already found links to CP sites.

This is only 4 rows down from the start of the Index Page.

Looks like I will once again be uninstalling Freenet. Until they clean up this blatant Child Pornography I won’t be using this service.

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