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Having spent the last week out in regional NSW and  listening  to their radio, I feel it is time to weigh in on the latest drama regarding the Halal Certification on Aussie foods like Vegemite and chickens.

Halal Certification is provided when a manufactor has contacted one of the accredited Halal Certification Organisations within Australia. Each organisation is roughly the same, the fees paid to them cover the administration costs and the time it takes to confirm that the product is Halal.

A big point that a lot of the Australians that are calling in to complain are making is that the fees paid are going towards terrorism. Suggestions have been made that it should be a government organisation instead, or the more common plan is to boycott any organisation that is paying for Halal Certification. People don’t want to support Islam or they think it is making everyone become Muslim. Other people are just seeing Halal and, having been influenced by the sensationalist media, have assumed the worst.

The Halal Certification is a great business decision. Islam makes up a tiny percentage of the Australian population. But Indonesia, our closest neighbour, is an Islamic country. Products like Vegemite that have just been certified as Halal now have a massive export market available to them. If you are Muslim and you are standing in the shops and you have one product that is Halal Certified and one that isn’t, you know which one you are going to buy. So now Vegemite will be able to gain traction in international markets.

Another point to make to support Halal Certification is to point out that it is the same as the Heart Tick Certification or the Made In Australia certification and getting Organic Certification. All of the certificates are managed by private organisations. No one is kicking up a fuss about where the fees paid to the Heart Tick organisation go to. For all we know they are going to fund Christian terrorists.

To anyone that has suggested that Halal Certification is a bad thing and that you are going to boycott the products, I also suggest you boycott anything else that has the Heart Tick, Organic, Made In Australia, or any other Certification that is managed by a non-government organisation. Otherwise I will count you as a hypocrite and will treat you like the idiot that you have shown yourself to be.

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