Disparity in Pricing

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Sometimes it can suck to live in Australia. We suffer from the eternal problem of being so far away from everything else in the world. And it is really noticeable when buying things online.

I have been hunting for some new wireless headphones to use on my way to and from work. My current headphones have a 3.5 metre long cord on them which is dreadfully annoying to have bundled up in my pocket. So I managed to find what appear to be a really good pair of headphones on Amazon.  They retail for about $49.95. They are also only available in America.

I’ve got plenty of friends in the US who I can get these headphones shipped to. They even come with free shipping which would make that part easy. The hard part is then getting the headphones from America to here. Going with the cheapest possible option it would only be about $25 to get them sent here, the downside is that is approximately 6-8 weeks via sea. Anything faster and the price jumps to a starting point of $60. More than the cost of the headphones.

Luckily I found an Australian site that sells the same headphones. It is DStore.com.au but it has the headphones retailing for $101 plus $14.95 shipping. The upside is, the product gets here faster, the downside is the increased cost.

Given that both sites have these headphones on sale leads me to believe that dstore is currently just reselling the Amazon supplied headphones. The question then becomes, do I buy through Amazon, get it shipped to a friend, then get them to ship it to me so that I pay less than $100 but have to wait for up to 10 weeks or do I pay $115 and get them shipped from an Australian site and get them in 2-3 weeks?

The tight-arse in me says I should go with the Amazon option, the impatient nerd in me says pay the extra money and get the more expensive but received sooner pair. Currently those opposing sides are at a stale-mate.

What should I do?

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