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Keeping a clean computer is more than just making sure you uninstall applications correctly and avoiding dodgy websites and software, it also includes the physical cleaning. Most computers sitting under desks and behind monitors have fans in them, generally two, one on the front bringing air in and one on the back taking air out. This setup keeps the computer cool but also turns it into a vacuum cleaner. Dirt and dust gets sucked in one end, gets caught on all the bits inside the computer, and only a fraction of it makes it out the other side.

This dust will clog up your PC and can make it run slower. A lot of PCs will slow down the processing speed if the CPU and other parts get to warm. If the PC is filled with dirt and dust it will get hotter sooner. The dirt and dust can also break the computer by clogging fans and overheating critical parts.

I’ve been rebuilding quite a few old PCs at my current job and before I look at the software on the machine I am cracking them open and vacuuming out the dust. To show you just how dirty a computer can get, I took a couple of photos before and after the cleaning.Celeron Before 02

Celeron Before 01

Celeron Before 03As you can see, the computer is completely full of dirt and dust. The efficiency of this machine was  severely hampered plus if you had that running in your house it would be a source of continual infection for anyone breathing in the same air.

This computer was used in a typical office environment, the type that most people are working in right now. Is it any wonder that the cold and flu that starts with Barry in Accounts always keeps coming back, over and over again?

I attacked this machine with a vacuum cleaner that we have in the build room for only this purpose and the after shots show the difference.

Celeron After 01Celeron After 02

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