America: Water Savers?

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I found this IndieGoGo site via my Facebook Feed and it reminded me of a thread I wrote up a few years ago on the Lankyland Forum where I made some comparisons between the water usage standards of America and Australia.

Then there is this article about how peeing in the shower saves water. It is based around a study that some folks at Norwich’s University of East Anglia that shows that by getting everyone to avoid one toilet flush and to instead pee in the shower in the morning will save millions of litres of water per year. Based on their stats they have found that the average toilet flush uses 12 Litres of water.

Based on my own research it appears that both the British and American toilet systems use more than twice the water used in Australian toilets. Australian standards require a dual-flush toilet and currently it is a 3L/4.5L flush. So the half flush uses 3 litres of water, the full flush uses 4.5 litres. Compared to the UK standard of 12 litres per flush.

Would it not be more feasible to crowd fund a movement to get the building codes changed to require a lower water consumption rate for toilets going into new houses and then try to get people to use the Brick in the Toilet system? Granted if they change the building codes they would limit the lifespan of the Brick production company but still, if the end goal is to reduce water usage then they should look into the way that Australia has managed it.



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