The Fappening

The recent release of stolen, private photos and video of a multitude of famous female celebrities has polarised the online world in a manner not seen before. Scanning through Social media there are two main camps, those who are disgusted by this massive breach of privacy, and those who are unashamedly eager to see some boob.

Reddit has had a new subreddit setup called “The Fappening”. In less than 48 hours it has reached a membership of over 130,000 people all clamouring for news about the leak and discussing where you can get the pictures, what websites to avoid, how the media is tracking the leak, and how law enforcement is attempting to catch people who are downloading the content. The sheer amount of effort is astounding.

I’ve been watching the subreddit for a few hours and the coordination amongst the members to disseminate the photos is impressive. Scary, but impressive. And since the very recent announcement that the leaked photos include photos of girls that were underage at the time the threads on the subreddit have also started to include methods on how to clean your computer to remove traces of any child pornography on them.

I am a strong advocate for freedom of speech, I don’t agree with what a lot of people say but I agree with their right to say it. But eventually a line has to be drawn where the Reddit site admins have to step in and say enough is enough, allowing a community of hundreds of thousands to disseminate stolen photos and also advise how to clean up the traces of child pornography is getting into a very dark grey area of freedom of speech.

The ways the Redditors try to justify their actions have an almost perverted honour code to them. The most recent one being encouraging all The Fappening users to donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. It was chosen as the charity to donate to because one of the recommended methods to avoid prostate cancer is regular ejaculation and thanks to the leak of nude photos, everyone on the subreddit is masturbating themselves to death. This has led to an awkward situation for the Charity being targeted as raising money is good, the method and means for raising it are not so good.

PCF Returns Donations
PCF Returns Donations

On the other side of the Social Media storm there has been some finger pointing as to who is to blame for this. Some point at the misogynistic social world that we live in where all men are sex-starved slaves to their continual desire to see boobs. Others are blaming Apple and their iCloud for low security standards that allowed the images to be released. Though Apple is now denying this saying that their systems are secure and that it was a targeted effort to guess the passwords. And then there are the people blaming the victims for having nude photos on their phones.

Out of those groups the Victim Blamers are getting trounced on, I know this because when I first heard about the leak my reaction was, “If you don’t want people to see you nude, don’t take nude photos and store them on a cloud service”. It is the same reaction I have to anyone who complains about their details being spread around the internet after posting them on the internet. But having read into the effort involved in the hack I’ve had my mind changed. My initial reaction was wrong. There is a vast difference between taking nude selfies and sending them to someone via a Cloud service and just having the Cloud backup of photos that you took on your phone hacked into.

For what it is worth, I feel like a douche for having jumped to the conclusion that it was the actors’ fault for having those images of themselves, for thinking that famous people should be more aware of the fact that they are targets for this kind of thing. They want to be normal people too and reactions like my initial reaction enforces the belief that they can’t be normal. We should be focusing on who is holding the sights that make famous people targets, why we are so eager to see every little facet of their lives that we are willing to blame them for “not being more careful” with their private photos.

How can we change a society where everyone has a right to privacy unless you are a famous person that everyone wants to see naked? Perhaps those “primitive” tribal people that walk around nude have the right idea? Everyone goes naked and then the demand for exclusive photos disappears? A bit extreme but we are getting to a point where we need extreme measures to combat the extreme expectations of an increasingly connected world.

In the grand scheme of things the fact that my eyes have been opened a little bit wider than they were before probably means nothing to the women who have had their private lives ripped into the public eye but I hope that there are other people that, like me, realise that a society that encourages the invasion of privacy and then blames the victims like this is not what we want to have. As I have been writing this post I have been flicking back and forth between the Reddit page to pull stats on the number of people and the news updates and I found this site which has covered the newly announced child pornography images included in the leak and I found these comments which seem to be scarily typical these days.

Comments on the Child Pornography
Comments on the Child Pornography

Unfortunately the way the laws are currently set up, it is likely that, if proven true, there is a chance that the girls who were underage at the time of the photos could be charged with the production of child pornography. That is one messed up law.

I can see this event, this “Fappening” have far reaching consequences for many facets of society.

Ultimately I think I have rambled over a couple of different topics here but the TL;DR of my post is, I reacted like a douche, had an epiphany, have realised that society is worse than even my cynical mind thought, and I hope for some sort of justice, no matter how hollow it will be for the victims. Also that I’ve matured more than I thought.

And before anyone asks, I have looked at the photos. I challenge anyone else to deny that they are curious about them. Unfortunately my epiphany occurred after seeing them and I had already partaken in the herd mentality of the perverted masses. I never pretended to be a saint but I do feel bad about having looked at them now.

Fitness First

Tonight I got to be part of an exclusive group of people that got to see the recently rebranded Fitness First gyms, notably the CBD gym called “The Zone”.

First impressions are that the equipment is fancy, futuristic, but sparse.

They’ve set up zones for different levels if exercise. Though it is deceptive. We were first shuffled into Zone 4. Or so I thought based on the sign on the wall. Turns out that room was actually three zones. So the gym wasn’t as big as I thought it was.

The membership model has changed from the old 12 month lock in, you have to give them your first born to leave early model to one where you can prepay for a certain number of visits or you can go with the 12 month buy. Plus if you go the 12 month and as long as you visit three times a week you can leave early, no questions asked.

To be brutally honest though, I don’t see myself signing up as a member. It’s a lot of money to fork out just for the chance to get hot and sweaty in a room. I can get my exercise outside for free.

SLA for Specialist Doctors?

Today has been a day for people complaining about long waits for specialist doctors appointments and it is a topic I’ve raged about in the past so here is the public documentation of my thoughts on the subject.

Should we have an SLA for specialists? Not the bulk-billed GPs, those guys are usually a first-come, first-served kind of gig. I mean the doctors that you make an appointment with and you then spend hundreds of dollars to see.

I understand that previous appointments can run longer than expected and that a doctor’s time is valuable but so is my time. Why should we have to sit in a boring little waiting room for half an hour waiting for a doctor so that we can hand over my cash, cash we are usually short on because instead of being at work earning it, we are stuck in a doctor’s office waiting.

I propose that we set up an Service Level Agreement with our doctors. They can each have a Grace Period of 10 minutes to account for the previous appointment going over but for every 10 minutes after that we get 10% off the consultation fee. I am pretty sure that if a doctor is faced with that kind of penalty the number of people complaining about waiting in doctors offices will drop sharply.

Just think of the benefits of this situation, with everyone spending less time in doctors offices they will have more time to do their own job which means waiting times in other professions will go down to. Your broken hot water system will get fixed faster because the plumber didn’t spend an hour waiting for his doctor to fix to re-align his back, therefore you won’t miss a whole day of work causing delays for your customers.

A common complaint I hear from people is that they arrived at the doctors office and the doctor wasn’t even in, I’ve encountered it myself, I know of plenty of other people that have also had this issue. If there is a penalty system I have a feeling that doctors will start arriving BEFORE their patients. Or last minute cancellations, they’d be a thing of the past if the next appointment is free because the doctor didn’t give enough notice. If I called up an hour before an appointment I’d get penalised, why not the other way around?

I think it would be a win-win to have an SLA in more professions, hold people accountable for the promises that they make in regards to appointments and such.

Google keeping the brothers and sisters down

Saw a Slashdot article today about how Google hasn’t been hiring enough black people or women. I find it stupid to think that a company should be forced to hire people based on their skin colour or gender. You should only hire the people that are best suited for the job based on their expertise in that field.

I can only imagine how annoyed I’d be if I was working for a company and they were filling a role and there were two candidates, one was a white guy who was technically perfect for the role, the other was a black guy who was less than technically perfect, and the company hired the black guy not because of his abilities but because they had to fill their quota of black guys.

Or if a man and a woman both applied for the same job, both with roughly equal abilities, and the woman got the job because there is a legal requirement to have a certain number of women in different levels of employment.

I’m probably living in a dream world cause I hope that people will get jobs based on their ability but I’m sure that if enough people believe it, it could just happen.

You can read the Slashdot article here.


On the train this morning there was a couple sitting a few seats away from me and every 5 seconds they were kissing and it got me thinking, why does mashing your face into another person’s face cause such a good feeling.

Where did the behavior of kissing sprout from? The mouth is there for talking and cramming food into. You don’t see other animals kissing so why do we do it?

Windows 3.11 for Workgroups

After more than 24 hours messing around with settings and such I have managed to get Windows 3.11 for Workgroups up to a point where I can browse the internet on it. It doesn’t look incredibly pretty but it DOES work.

If you would like to relive the early 90s then feel free to download the VirtualBox image that I have hosted here (~91MB).

When you first boot it up you’ll need to modify the TCP/IP settings, it has DHCP but you still need to manually define the Gateway address. And the Logon password is blank so just hit enter.

**EDIT: I have now got IE 3, mIRC, and Netscape 3 installed on the VM. Image has been uploaded to the same location.

Windows Install Windows Install 2 Google in IE

Like a cult of undead zombies who have the uncanny ability to communicate fluently while still desiring human flesh.